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Mobile & Web Apps, Websites, VR & AR Experiences At Robot House we understand technology. We are technology.
Our small team of talented developers and designers are powered on and standing by to assemble your ideas into real-world offerings.
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What We Do

App Design & Development

We really like building apps, trust us. Here at Robot house we take pride in being able to deliver top tier applications for our clients on a variety of platforms.

Whether you are looking for a native iOS/Android, web, or hybrid app, we have got you covered. We specialize in creating fully integrated applications that are fast, efficient and visually appealing.

Our toolset includes:

  • react/react native

    React / Native

  • Kotlin


  • Swift


  • Google Firebase


Backend Architecture

Every application needs a robust back-end. We pride ourselves in building bullet proof API's and databases that are designed specifically to meet your needs.

Your data will remain secure and all of your user's information will be protected, ensuring a high level of trust in your product. We specialise in serverless solutions to minimise your costs and management time.

Our toolset includes:

  • nodejs


  • mongoDB


  • google Cloud

    Google Cloud

  • Typescript


Digital & Social Marketing

Your app is only as good as the user base it attracts. Marketing your app effectively is key to its success. We can help market your app through all phases of development to discover market needs, create hype and eventually launch your app to an eager and ready user base.

Maintenance & Support

We are very proud of our work and we hope you will be too. It is for this reason that we offer monthly or ad hoc support for your new application. Even after your Application has been shared with the world, we will be here to help it grow with your needs.

Who We Are

We are skilled

Our team has experience. We have worked together on a wide array of projects across many different platforms. We have all of the skills needed to take your idea from concept through to launch and beyond. We are continuously dedicated to keeping up with the latest changes in technology to help keep our clients relevant and cutting edge.


We are Creative

Robots build things, only humans can create things. Even though our team of developers approach their work analytically and with technical precision. Our designers are there to give our projects that human touch. UX and UI design is just as important to us as the quality of the code in your project, it is the heart and soul of the experience we help you deliver to your users.

We are Driven

With great passion for your work comes a burning desire to deliver to the best of your capabilities. We deliver finished projects. Period. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver work to the best of our ability while working within your time and budget constraints. We work closely with our clients and provide feedback and project health reports throughout the entire product life-cycle.


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